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Our Rates

All plans listed below include:
  • NO Application Fee
  • Quick Approval

PlanDiscount RateTransaction FeeMonthly FeeMonthly MinimumRecommended for merchants who have...Apply Now
L-Business 2.19%28�$25$25monthly sales > $2000.Apply Online
M-Small Business 2.49%35�$20$25monthly sales $1000 - $2000.Apply Online
S-Starter 2.99%50�$15$25monthly sales $200 - $1000.Apply Online
For customers with monthly sales < $200 click here to find out more about 3rd party merchant accounts.

If you dont know what a discount rate, transaction fee, or setup fee are click here to find out more about types of merchant account fees or click here to have common terms defined.

Unsure which of these plans is the best for your business? Try our merchant account calculator to find the best plan for your business.
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