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Forms of electronic payment

Discover, Visa and Mastercard
By default all merchant accounts are able to accept Discover, Visa and Mastercard. The discount rates and transaction fees displayed are valid for accepting all of these cards.

American Express
American Express acceptance can be added to nearly all merchant accounts. You can establish an American Express account directly with American Express or when setting up a new merchant account. American Express has a special flat rate for merchants who process less than $4000 annually. Once you pass $4000 annually the discount rate is approximately 3.5% per transaction for internet and home based businesses.

Electronic Checks
eChecks are quickly becoming a popular method of payment. eCheck payments can only be sent by customers with US bank accounts but usually only cost the merchant a flat transaction fee instead of a discount rate and transaction fee. Some merchant accounts include eCheck support and some do not. There is usually an additional monthly fee for eChecks.
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