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Why buy from us?

The merchant account business has become a bit like insurance or used car sales. Its hard to know who you can trust. To get your business some providers have resorted to hiding rates, quoting incomplete fees, requiring 3 year contracts and other tactics. One of the newest tactics we've seen involves processors quoting no application fee and then throwing in a $100-$200 license fees.

We guarantee our rates are the lowest you will find. We constantly search for the lowest possible rates to offer to you, our valued customers. If you find a rate lower then our listed rates anywhere on the internet we will be it by 5%.

Our goal at EasyMerchantServices is to educate you about merchant accounts so that you can make an educated choice about which service is the best for you. In addition we hope to provide a variety of plans to fit every business.

Compare our rates to other merchant accounts
ServiceIndustry StandardOur Rates
Credit RestrictionsVery StrictEasy Approval
Start Up Costs$50-$900$0
Cancellation Fee$100-$300$0
Monthly Minimum$20-$40$25
Virtual Terminal$50-$295$0
Realtime Gateway$50-$295$0
Address Verification$.05-$.25$0
Approval Time2 - 3 weeks2 - 3 days
Monthly Fee$25 - $90$15 - $25
Discount Rate2.39% - 3.79%2.19% - 2.99%
Transaction Fee$.30 - .50$.28 - $.50
Low Cost GuaranteeNoneBeat Any Price by 5%
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